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Summer's Here

Posted by Alex L. on

Make the switch to Zemo’s smokeless e-cigs, and you can give up the stigma of the smoker out-group and get back into your summer fun. You know what life as a member of that group is like. For those of us who have worked in an office building, or any smoke-free environment, traditional cigarette smokers are known by their ashtray smell that lingers in the elevators or hallways long after they have gone. No amount of tooth brushing, perfume or imagination can get rid of that smell after smoking outside on a windy city corner. Everybody seems to have a comment to throw at traditional cigarette smokers. Now, many of them, even those who are unapologetic, try their best to keep their smoking private. There are few public spaces that now tolerate cigarette smoke in the summer outdoors. The smoker out-group no longer gets a summer vacation from the stigma, but Zemo e-cig smokers do.

Take back your summertime fun and leave behind the worry that comes along with being a member of the traditional cigarette smoker out-group, make the switch to e-cigs. Zemo e-cigs cost less, they don’t leave harmful reams of smoke in the air, there is no nasty smell to cling to your clothes, and they can be smoked among friends and family at barbeques or wedding dinners without exposing others to the health risks that come from second-hand smoke.

Make the switch to Zemo e-cigs and your summers will feel like summer again.

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