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End Your August Home Chore Blues

Posted by Alex L. on

With August just around the corner, many of us are planning vacations to the cottage, maybe a fishing trip or two, quick visits to the relatives or a festival, or perhaps a nice staycation. Whatever fun breaks you have planned for the last full month of summer, chores around the house are usually in the plans somewhere. Try as we might to put them off, end of summer chores just keep calling and we all know they take way longer to complete than they should. Why do summer chores take so long? 

It can take a long time to clean out the garage, for example, because it requires way too many smoke breaks. Since you cannot smoke in the house, it means hanging out in the driveway with the neighbors, commiserating about summer chores. What should be a quick 10-minute smoke break turns into half an hour. Multiply that half hour by say three for the total number of breaks you’ll take in the afternoon, and really, your garage clean up ends up looking like this: 2 hours for work and 1.5 hours for smoke breaks. Add to that the amount of time you will spend over the evening, the next few days, perhaps even weeks, explaining your inability to complete the task and you’ll find August gone and the garage still looking, well, as crazy as it did when summer started.

You can avoid the ‘August home chore blues’ by switching to Zemo e-cigs. E-cigs smokers don’t have smoke and cigarette butts to worry about so they can smoke in the garage. Smoking in the garage means less time talking to the neighbors. Less time talking means more work done and less time spent on chores. As a matter of fact, e-cig smokers tend to smoke less and therefore spend less on smoking. Perhaps you could use the money you save smoking e-cigs to hire that go-getter neighborhood kid to do your chores. However it works out, if you switch to Zemo e-cigs and you just might have fewer chores all year around.

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