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Why Make the Switch to Zemo E-cigs?

Posted by Alex L. on

More and more people are switching to e-cigs. We don’t know all of the reasons why smokers prefer e-cigs, but here are some that we have heard.

1. “I can smoke in the shower.” Well, likely not for everyone, but something to think about.

2. "I can smoke in all weather." This one is for the golfers out there.

3. “No more stopping for cigarette breaks on road trips.” Nothing says summer like a road trip and with e-cigs, you only need stop for a smoke break if you want to, not because you have to.

4. “I never, ever, ever smell like cigarette smoke.” No more traditional cigarette smell. Need we say more? E-cigs=no-smoke=no-smell.

5. “I spend less on my Zemo e-Cigs and spend more on entertainment.” E-cigs cost less for most smokers even if they do not adjust their smoking over time. Since many e-cigs users do smoke less, how you spend, or save, the money you save smoking e-cigs is up to you.

6. “I never have cigarette trash anymore.” In cities around the world managing cigarette butt trash is an increasing problem. Switch to e-cigs and you make a positive contribution to your environment.

7. “I can lower my nicotine and work on quitting.” Many people alter their nicotine intake to smoke less in the long run. With e-cigs this is an easy option.

8. “I can smoke them at my work without bothering my co-workers.” Not all companies are letting employees smoke e-cigs, but some are. Check with your company and see if you can too.

9. “I never have to plan a cigarette break into my day, where I’m away from friends and family.” For some smokers, always hiding out to grab a smoke is annoying. With e-cigs, those worries are gone.

10. “No one else smokes with me.”

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