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Are E-Cigarettes Better For Your Health?

Posted by Alex L. on

Millions of people around the entire world smoke traditional cigarettes, however there is also a new buzz about the electronic cigarette or the personal vaporizer.

The pros about this new way of smoking have been amazing, and many smokers are switching from traditional cigarette smoking to the new electronic cigarette. 

The Benefits Of Using An E-Cigarette

Smoking a traditional cigarette means the odor, second hand smoke, and all of the damage smoking can cause to your teeth and lungs. Using an E-cigarette is much better, and not nearly as expensive as smoking traditional cigarettes. Here is a list of the reasons why using a personal vaporizer is the way to go.

  • The additives in E-cigarettes are propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin. A concern was voiced about those additives, however both glycol and vegetable glycerin have been deemed okay for usage by Canada and the FDA.
  • No more second hand smoke inhalation for individuals that don’t smoke. You can sit around in a group and not run the risk of harming anyone else.
  • E-cigarettes have been on the market for 7 years now. Unlike traditional cigarettes that attack all areas of your body, electronic cigarettes are smokeless, which is great for people trying to avoid second hand smoke.
  • Electronic cigarettes are well made and completely produced and manufactured in a safe and clean environment in China that has passed all of the certification standards.
  • No more inhalation of toxic chemicals from burning tobacco. Lung cancer isn’t from nicotine it’s from the moment of lighting a traditional cigarette. The releasing of toxic chemicals gets inhaled into the lungs.

The wonderful news about using the E-cigarette is not only the improved benefits, but all the choices that are available in regards to flavor. Having a nice evening sitting with a group of friends using your new electronic cigarette can now be a pleasurable experience by everyone, and you will also fill the air with a nice aroma. You also will have the option to quit smoking entirely if that is something you want to do, because the electronic cigarette is rumored to assist in the aide for some people to stop smoking. Who can beat that?

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