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E-cigs and Barbeque

Posted by Alex L. on

Tasting the full flavor of food is one huge reason to switch to e-cigs. For many foodies, nothing tastes better than barbeque.

With summer winding down those of us living in colder climates are giving the barbeque that traditional August workout, hoping to get in a few more spontaneous get-togethers at dusk on a perfect summer night. 

If you can’t afford an indoor grill, here is how you can grill all winter long anyway. And if you start soon, you can perfect your technique before the first snowfall.

First, find yourself a heavy pan. Chefs recommend a good cast iron pan – they make them especially for grilling. Before you use it, spray or rub it with oil to season the pan.

Second, prepare your food for grilling. For your fresh veges and meats, dry them well then with a slight amount of olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. If you prefer to marinade, just follow your usual recipes.

You won’t be able to use as much marinade, however, since indoor grilling cannot eliminate liquids as well as outdoor grilling. Either set your food on a rack to get rid of excess liquid before grilling, or use a light hand applying the marinades.

Third, turn the heat up high and let the pan get super hot. Turn on the fans then put the food on the grill. Try not to play with the food too much. Just like grilling outside, you need to just let it be.

If you don’t know if your meat is cooked, then use a thermometer and cook to the right temperature.

The last step is to eat well, then plan your cook-in.

The best news is that whatever you grill outdoors, you can grill indoor too. Even though you’ll be missing some of that smoky smell and taste, that barbeque taste will come through.

Indoor grilling is kind of like switching to Zemos e-cigs. You get great taste without the smoke.

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