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Introducing the New Zemo E-Cartridge Design

Posted by Alex L. on

This week Zemo E-Cigarettes launched their new and improved cartridge design. Zemo cartridges have always been known for their great taste and maximum vapor capabilities. However, these new cartridges work to make Zemo E-Cigs operate better than ever before and are specially designed to improve users Zemo experience.

Old Zemo Cartridge 
New Zemo Cartridge

Cartridge Improvements

There are various cartridge improvements that can be found in this new Zemo cartridge model (pictured above). The most noticeable change is that the rubber cap for the mouthpiece has been replaced with a sticker. This change was implemented in an effort to prevent e-liquid leakage. In addition, the new cartridges also use a smaller, more fitted rubber cap on the opposite end to cover the thread. This cap makes inserting a cartridge into the Zemo Premium E-Cig Starter Kit much easier. Finally, each cartridge inside the pack is now individually packaged to ensure that each individual cartridge stays fresh until opened. These cartridge updates are sure to keep loyal users satisfied and fulfilled with their Zemo E-Cigarettes and entice new users to choose Zemo as their go-to premium e-cigarette brand.

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