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New Study Deems E-Cig Vapor Harmless

Posted by Alex L. on

With the growing trend of e-cigarettes hitting the social scene, many "vapers" (the e-cigarette version of smokers) have begun to worry if the vapor expelled from these electronic cigarettes is as dangerous as second-hand smoke. However, a recent study conducted at Drexel University's School of Public Health revealed that this is in fact not the case. The study demonstrated that these vapors are not hazardous, allowing for E-Cig users around the world to take a big sigh of relief. 

Peering through the mist: What does the chemistry of contaminants in electronic cigarettes tell us about the risks?

The study, conducted by Professor Igor Burstyn, revealed that vapors released from e-cigarettes display minimal levels of contaminants. These levels are much lower than any level that would pose any risks to vapers and the people around them. This study gives the e-cigarette community yet another reason to stay smoke-free and enjoy all of the pleasures premium e-cigarettes offer.

Burstyn's study was conducted by studying over 9,000 tests that focused on the chemical composition of e-cigarette vapor.

Check out the video below to get full details on the study's findings:


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