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Good Reads

Posted by Alex L. on

Finding the time to read through a few of this summer’s bestsellers is easier now that books are accessible in a wider range of formats.

Gone are the days when you either had to wait for the paperback to come out so it was cheap enough to buy, or wait endlessly for your turn at them at the library. E-books and open source books are just two examples of how our options have increased. 

If you travel a lot and like to read on planes, trains and automobiles, tablets are a great option. The books can be downloaded and read at your leisure. Another advantage is that you can have as many books at one time as your device allows. Tablets designed just for reading are also very popular and easy on the pocketbook.

For bike riders or drivers, audiobooks are a nice option. They too can be downloaded and enjoyed using many different types of devices. You and your family or friends can listen while on the road, or sitting on in the boat waiting for the catch of a lifetime.

Those of us on a tight budget can tap into open source websites. They are a great way to read some of the classics without the cost. Books can be downloaded in PDF format onto devices or your computer for access at any time.

If you still like the feel of a book in your hands, or the smell of a new paperback, then you have excellent options with your local library and bookstores.

Of course a stop in at your local library gives you access to so much more than just books, including audio and E-books. Most now have huge selections of current magazines, newspapers, reference, CDs and DVDs. And bookstores run the range from just books, to all reading material, to books and entertainment.

One thing is for sure, however you like to “read” your books, good reads are certainly plentiful.

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