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Driving & E-Cigs: The Perfect Pair

Posted by Alex L. on

Even before electronic cigarettes were a trend, cigarettes and car rides were an infamous pair. However, with the introduction of e-cigs into the market this habit is now cleaner and more enjoyable for all. No longer do you have to worry about your car smelling like smoke, or annoying your family and friends with cigarette fumes. Now, many smokers-turned-vapers find it incredibly relaxing to sit back, hit the gas and take a drag of their electronic cigarette. 


So what makes smoking electronic cigarettes and driving so enticing?

The answer to this question isn't just one simple, direct answer. Driving with an e-cig can serve various purposes and depends on an individuals wants and needs. For instance, it commonly serves the below purposes:

  • Helps one relax and unwind after a stressful day at work
  • Keeps a driver's mind off of aggravating traffic
  • Helps drivers focus on the road
  • Curbs an appetite when on a busy highway or stuck in traffic
  • Calms the urge for a regular cigarette (smoking and driving is a very common habit for past smokers that can be hard to break)

If you're interested in switching over to an electronic cigarette, check out our Zemo Premium E-Cigarette Starter Pack.

Happy driving!

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