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More Good News For Your Health With E-Cigs

Posted by Alex L. on

With all of the information on e-cigs versus traditional cigarettes out there, many of us just tune it all out.

However, the news is confirming what you, as an e-cigs smoker, already know: e-cig smokers smoke less and have less of the health side-affects than traditional cigarette smokers. 

Here’s yet another example of a study shoring up the potential health benefits of e-cigs over traditional cigarettes.

Recent research findings show that e-cig vapor is indeed considerably less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

Dr. Maciej L. Goniewicz of the Roswell Park CancerInstitute conducted a study of e-cig vapors and published his research team’s findings in the journal Tobacco Control in March of 2013.

The researchers found that the toxicants in e-cig vapors were 9 to 450 times less than in traditional cigarette smoke. In some cases, the amounts were so low as to be considered trace.

This research does not state that no harmful chemicals were detected in e-cig vapor, nor are the results applicable to all e-cig brands, since the researchers tested only twelve.

Nonetheless, their findings conclude that tobacco-specific toxicants like carbonyls and heavy metals is less in e-cig vapor. Therefore, e-cig user’s exposure is significantly less.

The researchers also suggest that for smokers who cannot quit, a healthy option is to reduce a smoker’s exposure to these harmful chemicals by switching to e-cigs.

On the basis of these kinds of study results, leading researchers Drs. Neal L. Benowitz and Maciej L. Goniewicz have argued in an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association that e-cigs likely pose less harm than traditional cigarettes.

Benowitz and Goniewicz further argue that the potential health benefits of e-cigs could be lost if the FDA goes ahead with regulating them as cigarettes.

While more research is ongoing, the results so far are positive and encouraging. Studies show that e-cigs are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes when vapor is compared to smoke.

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