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Traveling Internationally With An Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Alex L. on

Traveling of course is always something to look forward to, but also bringing along your electronic cigarette.  However, there is always the question of whether or not an electronic device, such as the electronic cigarette is allowed when traveling.

Learning How To Pack Properly 

For those of us that travel on a regular basis, we are familiar with how to pack a carry-on bag, and our purse.  Airport security is very good at screening any item, so if carrying your electronic cigarette on your body is a must, you should always be prepared of being questioned.  Otherwise, here are a few smart ideas for packing.

  • Your E-cigarette is small around the size of a toothbrush.  You might consider placing your E-cig in a toothbrush carrier to prevent any damage.
  • Another great spot for your E-cigarette is in your makeup bag.  Placing your makeup bag between clothing such as socks and tee-shirts will give your makeup bag plenty of cushioning.
  • Ziploc bag – anything you pack in your luggage is carefully inspected.  Traveling internationally means anything and everything will be inspected with a fine tooth comb.  If you are worried about any of your items being thrown out, using labels is a good idea.  More than likely a labeled item will get inspected for exactly what you are stating the item is.  

Getting through the airport and landing safely is always a great thing, but finding out where you can use your electronic cigarette is another adventure.  The absolute best way to find out if you are able to for instance use your E-cigarette in a bistro or lounge during happy hour is to simply ask.  You will find out where you are able to smoke and not have any issues.  Another reason for using this method is you might find a local person that can tell you about the smoking laws.  It’s always better to be safer, than sorry when it comes to smoking and obeying any international laws you were unaware of.

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