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5 Important Facts About E-Cigarettes

Posted by Alex L. on

The electronic cigarette has become a very popular trend taking the tobacco industry by surprise with the sales.  The evolution of the electronic cigarette has become a $1 billion dollar industry, and the benefits have been a huge bonus for smokers.  Traditional smokers are obviously making the change, and sticking with it. 

Electronic Cigarette Important Facts

There are 5 major facts when it comes to using the electronic cigarette.  These 5 facts are more than enough for any traditional cigarette smoker to make the change.  Here are the 5 facts to review and gain knowledge from.

  • Electronic cigarettes are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The FDA has not yet made a ruling on whether or not the electronic cigarette should be listed on regulated tobacco products.  There is a possibility of an announcement in October of 2013 of new rules for the electronic cigarette.
  • The president of the American Lung Association, Erika Sward claims the electronic cigarette still needs further tested to make the determination of any detectable levels of toxic chemicals.
  • For those who enjoy brands – the electronic cigarette has more than 250 kinds.  It is very obvious that manufacturers took the ball and ran with it.  There are also different qualities and ingredients, so people that do a great deal of research will be able to get exactly what they are looking for.
  • People that smoke traditional cigarettes are always looking for a new way to quit smoking.  Manufacturers say smoking an E-Cigarette is a better alternative than partaking in smoking a smelly traditional cigarette.
  • The major increase of sales of the electronic cigarette.  Once up on a time the electronic cigarette was a novelty.  Now – the electronic cigarette is a huge business to be a part of.  

Electronic cigarettes will be getting researched in the near future to answer the unknown questions that consumers and experts want more information about.  Till then, when purchasing an electronic cigarette, it’s a good idea to shop around for the perfect electronic cigarette for you.   This information can be found at

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