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Are You Misbehaving With Electronic Cigarettes?

Posted by Alex L. on

Any smoker has experienced hearing about quitting smoking or how bad smoking is for your health. Traditional smoking is bad for your health all the way around. So, when people hear of the electronic cigarette and how different it is from a traditional cigarette there is a sigh of relief, because the electronic cigarette has an entirely different approach when it comes to smoking. 

Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

Of course, there are going to be several different studies going on at once trying to find pros and cons to the electronic cigarette, but every now and then a few key points are found to be really interesting statistics and information.

  • Data furnished by the Centers for Disease and Prevention states one of out 10 high school students have used E-Cigarettes last year. This data is double what it was last year. The CDC director, Tom Frieden said “The teenagers might develop a lifelong addiction to nicotine and traditional cigarettes, but they might also develop an addition to Ceasar salads and Golden Girl re-runs. Who knows?”
  • Odorless is huge for those people that hate the smell of cigarette smoke. The smell of traditional cigarettes has been huge for anyone that does smoking traditional cigarettes, because of all the limitations in public. The electronic cigarette is a much better alternative.
  • The controversy about the electronic cigarette has many different agencies studying every aspect about the benefits of the electronic cigarette. All of the intensive research will prove to be beneficial in the long run, but in the meantime it seems as though the electronic cigarette has a strong fan club.

Whether or not you are misbehaving, it is entirely up to you whether or not you feel as though the electronic cigarette is right for your smoking needs. The electronic cigarette is being studied with a fine tooth comb, till then always smoke responsibly. This information was provided from

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