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Reversing Decade Long Smoking Bans

Posted by Alex L. on

The electronic cigarette is now making smoking a cigarette easier to get away with than using a cell phone on an airplane.  The telltale signs of a traditional cigarette are eliminated, because of the liquid nicotine solution and batteries replacing paper and a flame.  These changes are what make detecting and smoking an electronic cigarette much harder.  People are able to smoke when they want, where they want, plus not attract any attention. 

Smoking Responsibility

Lawmakers and public health officials have voiced their opinion about the electronic cigarette working its way back into non-smoking areas.  However, a cigarette not producing smoke cannot be banned in certain areas, because there is just no smoke.  Government officials in many states are trying to figure out a way to regulate the electronic cigarette, but also keep this cigarette out of the hands of under age children.

Airport Restrictions

Even though laws do restrict smoking, the electronic cigarette can be considered differently for some.  Rob Fontano, owner and president of Fort Myers Vapors has used his electronic cigarette in over 20 airports.  Electronic cigarettes are still considered in the grey area, because it is so hard to detect them being smoked.  Fontano relays he generally sits near the window and tries to be as inconspicuous as he can, but he also said “If somebody saw a cloud of vapor on an airplane and didn’t know what is was, they would probably lose their mind.”

Until then, the DOT is planning on putting the official ban on electronic cigarettes by mid 2014.  The DOT spokesperson, Bill Mosley said “E-cigarette users are coming up with their own rules, and leaving enforcement up to individual carriers.”  This information has been provided by

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