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E-Cigarette Friendly Restaurants In New York City

Posted by Alex L. on

Cigarettes have been banned for twenty years in restaurants, diners, and bars until recently. The evolution of the electronic cigarette has enabled all cigarette smokers the chance to enjoy a smoke while enjoying themselves in their favorite establishment, given the smoking rules of course.

Which Restaurants and Bars Allow Electronic Cigarettes On Their Premises? 

Not all restaurants and bars are open to the electronic cigarette being allowed in their establishment, but the list is growing each day. Here is a list of the restaurants that have given their approval of the E-cigarette.

La Bernardin has not decided on whether or not to develop a policy according to Eric Ripert, chef and co-owner. E-cigarettes have not been used enough yet, but he stated they would make a decision.

Empellon has not yet seen the electronic cigarettes in one of their restaurants, but Alex Stupak, chef and owner stated, “I think you should leave them be unless they’re disturbing other customers in some way, and then you have to ask them to put it away nicely.”

The Elm does not mind electronic cigarettes, and has actually had a few guests light up in the dining room.

Do or Dine is happy to have electronic cigarettes. “There is nothing worse than having to hold, re-plate, or re-fire an order because a guest stepped out for a puff between courses.” said Justin Warner, chef and owner

It is still obvious the verdict is still out on whether or not to allow electronic cigarettes on the restaurant and bar premises. The E-cigarette is still fairly new to the public, but it’s a growing trend. It will take some time before other restaurants will have a policy or an opinion on whether or not to allow smokeless smoking in their businesses. If you get into a situation where you are not sure about the electronic cigarette smoking policy, it’s always a good idea to ask management.

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