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Where Have Cigarette Brands Gone?

Posted by Alex L. on

Smoking traditional cigarettes has been around for a very long time, so long time cigarette smokers might have noticed that today’s selection of traditional cigarettes has changed drastically.  Smokers used to be able to walk into a grocery store or convenience store and have over 50 brands to choose from.  That is a lot of cigarettes!  That is not the case today, because most locations selling cigarettes have about 10 different brands to purchase. 

Brands Of Cigarettes That Are Hard To Find

Smoking has taken a huge turn when it comes to evolution.  Not only are cigarette brands disappearing, but certain brands are only available online.  Here are a few cigarette brands that are gone, but not forgotten.

  • Tareyton is not available in many areas, but you can get these cigarettes online via the RJ Reynolds website.
  • Kent, the famous micronite filter cigarette is no longer available.
  • Virginia Slims is another brand disappearing with a strong female customer base. More is a brand famous for its stylish appearance, but had the reputation of a horrible taste.
  • Yves St. Laurant had a brand of cigarette, but the cigarette didn’t survive past the 80’s.
  • Lark was a brand of cigarette that people could remember seeing on shelves for sale, but no one could recall anyone actually smoking these.
  • Misty was another 80’s women’s cigarette.  Now, this cigarette is still being sold, but the primary audience seems to be gay men.
  • True was a menthol cigarette with low tar, but it seems like it make the cut either.

Do you still smoke your favorite cigarette brand still?  Or have you had to make a switch to another brand?  The great news is all of the new methods of smoking being created on a daily basis.  Traditional cigarettes are still around, but electronic cigarettes are also making a name for themselves.

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