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The Best Flavors For E-Cigarettes

Posted by Alex L. on

Traditional cigarette smokers have enjoyed making the change to electronic cigarettes for a wide variety of reasons.  No cigarette smoke, absolutely no odor, and the ability to choose the flavor of their choice.  Who can beat that?  These reasons are why electronic cigarettes are making such a bang in the tobacco industry.  If you had the choice to pick out a flavor of cigarette which one would it choose?


Amazing E-Cigarette Flavors

One of the main things to look for when choosing a flavor for your electronic cigarette is quality.  You might even take the time to read a few reviews before taking the plunge and trying out a new flavor.  Here are favorite flavors of electronic cigarette users.

  • Strawberry – the ability to enjoy a smoke, and have the flavor of strawberry is not only amazing, but so enjoyable.
  • Peach – puffing away on your vaporizer only to have a slight undertone of tobacco, but a sweet taste of peaches.  It just doesn’t get better than that.
  • Cotton candy – most electronic cigarette smokers will love a fond memory of their childhood with the flavor of cotton candy.
  • Black licorice – you will be blown away with this flavor.
  • Mint – imagine a mint flavor with a twist of mentholated tobacco in the mix, it’s beyond cool and freshening.  

When it comes time to search for your own personal preference of vapor flavors, you should take some time and see what will be the best flavor.  The favorites might be the ideal choice, but there are so many to pick from.

Another thing you should look for are samples.  Samples will make choosing your new favorite flavor even easier.  Electronic cigarettes are very trendy which means all of the manufacturers are going to be coming out with the newest greatest flavor.  Even picky electronic cigarette smokers are going to find the ideal flavor of their dreams.

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