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The Top Five Cigarette Smoking Countries

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Let’s face it almost everywhere we go someone is lighting up smoking a cigarette, however certain countries have more smokers than other.  Of course, there are various reasons why certain countries smoke more than others.  Some countries even have higher tax rates, but that does not stop the cigarette smokers. 

The Top Five Countries

You might be surprised to see just how many people light up a cigarette each day.  Another interesting fact is how much revenue tobacco is bringing in to each of these countries.  Here are the top five countries.

  1. China has 2.17 trillion cigarettes consumed each year.  That is a great deal of cigarette smoking.
  2. India comes in second with 481 billion cigarettes consumed.
  3. The United States consumes 463 billion cigarettes, which is half of what China consumes.
  4. Russia is fourth with 309 billion cigarettes consumed.
  5. Japan is last, but not least with 169 billion cigarettes consumed.

More than 80% of the world’s smokers live in low to middle income countries, which makes most people wonder how smoking can be affordable?  The number of male smokers in China is higher than all of the UnitedState’s smokers combined.  Only 5.4% of people globally are protected by smoke-free laws.  It appears that even if the price per pack of cigarette isn’t affecting the smokers, they are still going to continue smoking cigarettes.

Affording To Smoking

Electronic cigarettes are taking the traditional cigarette world by storm, because traditional cigarette users are finding out the cost is less than a normal packet of cigarettes, and the usage is longer.  The electronic cigarette is still relatively new, but in due time all traditional cigarette smokers are going to be familiar with this new way of smoking.  Source:

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