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Creating The Perfect Garden Party For Smokers

Posted by Alex L. on

When you decide to host the perfect garden party, there are several different things you are to need to figure out.  Food, drinks, and smoking are the main attractions to your garden party, so those are going to need quite a great deal of focus.

Getting Your Garden Party Planned Out

It might seem overwhelming thinking about your garden party, especially if you have never done a party like this before.  Here are some valuable tips to get your party planned the right way.

  • Food is always going to be the number one task to plan.  You are going to have to decide on a full course meal or appetizers and small finger foods.  If you go with a full menu, you are going to need plenty of space to sit down and have a meal.  A huge issue to consider is the time of your party.  Dinner time for most people is around 6pm or so.  Always take the time you host your party into consideration.
  • Drink is another huge task for a party.  Many people on a budget have party-goers bring their own bottle.  It’s an easier and cheaper way to host a party, plus all the people that like to drink their own specific concoction will have easy access to their favorite drink.
  • When you host a garden party allowing smoking, you need to make sure you have the atmosphere handled correctly.  Make sure all of the invites know ahead of time there will be smoking.  You should also have plenty of ashtrays for those who still smoke traditional cigarettes.  All electronic cigarette smokers won’t need quite as much attention, therefore you can devote flavor samples and you might even make sure there is plenty of plug-ins for any chargers needing some juice.
  • Furniture is the part of your garden party.  Test out all of the furniture yourself and make sure everything is clean and comfortable.  You might even get some “tiki” lanterns with scented oil to burn for the total smoker’s experience. 

Your garden party will take some time to plan out, but once all of the immediate tasks are handled, everything else falls into place.  A garden party is much easier to plan that most people would think, and the vibe is always nice, serene, and relaxing.

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