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E-Cigarette Friendly Establishments In Seattle

Posted by Alex L. on

Seattle, Washington is a wonderful city filled with culture, diversity, and amazing places to hang out and enjoy a meal.  It is also a great place to relax with friends and family while enjoying a smoke.  If you are thinking of venturing out in the Seattle area, but not sure of the restaurants/bars that allow smoking, it’s time to learn all about what Seattle has to offer.

Reviewing Different Smoking Establishments In Seattle

Once you take the time and start reviewing the smoking bars and other fun places you are hoping to visit, you will be able to make your decision.  Not only are these places a great place to enjoy your favorite electronic cigarette, but knowing about the menu or signature drink might be the final motivator.  Here is a list of popular smoking bars and other venues that allow smoking.

  • The Uber Tavern in Seattle, Washington isn’t famous for their outdoor area allowing smoking, but their patio area for a delicious beer and smoke.  It’s the perfect low key bar with a mellow vibe.
  • Lucid in the University District of Seattle can’t get any better!  Not only are you enjoying your electronic cigarette outside in their smoking section, but you get to enjoy great jazz & blues music.  The perfect date night location.
  • Aston Manor is a great spot in the SODO neighborhood for those who love to dance.  There is a designated smoking section outside, and VIP service for those people that want to experience the royal treatment.
  • Rock Box on Capital Hill wants you to experience karaoke at its finest.  This lounge is very busy, so reserving your spot for any occasion is recommended.  Smoking is welcomed too!
  • Shorty’s in Belltown is the perfect place for an adult wanting to hang out and play arcade games while indulging in an electronic cigarette in their designated smoking section.  Pinball, cheap hot dogs, and great bartenders are a dream come true.

These are just a few of the many bars and other places allowing smoking.  Before you head out, it’s always recommended to read a review or two prior to departing.  You want to know the vibe and the ambiance.  All of these bars also have the best reviews in their specific location.

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