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The Restriction of e-Cigarette Growth

Posted by Alex L. on

The U.S. electronic cigarette industry has tripled in sales this year with the help of television ads, NASCAR sponsorships, and product promotions.  The total amount of sales has sky rocketed to a $1.5 billion dollar industry!  The government is now threatening all of these marketing methods.  The FDA is planning on making a decision this month on whether or not to include e-cigarettes with traditional cigarettes.  If this decision is made, there will be greater restrictions on the production and advertising of marketing and online sales. 


At least 40 U.S. states are seeking these harsher restrictions because of all the federal health officials making statements about the smokeless device.  These restrictions are also prompting some e-cigarette companies to market and advertise their products even harder while they still have the chance.  These aggressive marketing and promotions even include giving out free products at events in 50 U.S. cities and having traveling vans and tents at NASCAR races.  It’s obvious that e-cigarette companies are not going to give up easily.

The Future for E-Cigarette Companies

Not only do manufactures of e-cigarette companies have to worry about restrictions, but there are going to be very strict rules enforced if these changes are adopted.  Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois and 11 other Democrats demanded immediate FDA regulation.  The regulations include documents from e-cigarette companies that provide information about sales and labeling/marketing of their products.  The FDA even sent out a proposal to the White House Office of Management and Budget asking for regulatory authority beyond cigarettes stated in an email released by Steven Immergut, a spokesperson for the agency.

One thing is certain about the future for electronic cigarettes and marketing is being labeled the same product as traditional cigarettes.  The same standards would be implied, and the electronic cigarette would be classified just like a cigarette.  This information has been provided from

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