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The History of Cigarettes

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The word “cigarette” is a French word that means “small cigar”. A cigarette is a small cylinder of tobacco leaves rolled into a thin paper for smoking. Cigarettes are very popular and there are several different brands available for smokers. What is so distinguishing about a cigarette from a cigar is the size of the cigarette, the use of the processed leaf, and the paper wrapping. 

9th Century Cigarette Smoking

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Cigarettes seem to be antecedents of Mexico and Central America around the 9th century. Smoking existed, but it was in the form of cigars, reeds, and smoking tubes. By 1830, the cigarette had made an appearance in France, but France was not letting the cigarette disappear. The French State tobacco monopoly began manufacturing them. Production was still very simple during this time, because there were only 40,000 cigarettes hand rolled each day. James Albert Bonsack created a “cigarette-making machine” in the 1880’s which increased productivity drastically to 4 million cigarettes made daily. The use of tobacco in a cigarette increased during and after the Crimean War, because British soldiers began imitating Ottoman Turkish comrades and Russian enemies who were rolling tobacco in old newspaper strips. The Egyptian cigarette export industry helped the development of tobacco cigarettes greatly by improving the tobacco.

The Widespread of Smoking Cigarettes

At the start of the 20th century smoking cigarettes became a phenomenon, because the Western World had been finally introduced to cigarettes. The USA was only smoking 54 cigarettes annually per capita, but in 1965 the consumption had drastically increased. Cigarettes smokers had gone from 0.5% of the population smoking to 50% of men and 33% of women smoking cigarettes.

Since the cigarette has been created and developed, so has all of the evolution. Different products have been introduced, improvements have been made, and legislation has been putting restrictions on the smoking of cigarettes. Cigarettes are heavily taxed, restrictions on locations for smoking have been implemented, and advertising for tobacco based products have also had intense regulations. Another major development in cigarettes are all of the products introduced to help smokers quit. While the future of cigarettes remains unpredictable – there will always be smokers. Information about this topic can be found on

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