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Evidence E-Cigs Are Helping The Battle With Tobacco

Posted by Alex L. on

Great news is being announced about electronic cigarette smokers who were followed over a year were showing reduced or all together quit smoking in large numbers and were less prone to resume smoking.  Of course, there is still a great deal of debate about this information, but many experts are continuing to gather more data and do further research studies.  Between studies conducted on people who are willing to give their data to researchers and the Internet conducting surveys online, experts are going to be able to compile the information together for a better assessment. 

What Experts Are Saying

Many experts are continuing to debate on whether or not electronic cigarettes are smoking-cessation tools or just a product smokers enjoy during their leisure time.  The bold fact about using an electronic cigarette is vaporizers use cartridges of liquid nicotine to deliver a flavored nicotine laced vapor without the byproducts of burning tobacco found in traditional cigarettes.  The electronic cigarette was also able to help tobacco smokers reduced their usage of traditional cigarettes.

Are Smokers Not Using Traditional Cigarettes Anymore?

Out of 1000 smokers with 367 responding to three surveys, the results were very intriguing.  For those smokers who had already quit smoking, but were using an electronic cigarette – 6% had relapsed to tobacco after one month.  When the study began, 22% had quit smoking tobacco after a month and 46% had quit smoking after a year.  This particular group had averaged about 11.3 traditional cigarettes daily at the beginning of the study, but had reduced to only 6 cigarettes per day after one month.  This study was conducted by Francois Etter of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.  These results were published in Addictive Behaviors.  This information was found on

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