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How To Give An E-Cigarette As A Gift

Posted by Alex L. on

As the holiday season is rapidly approaching, so is shopping for all of your friends and family.  It can be really frustrating trying to shop for a friend or family member because a common question is “what gift to give for someone who has everything?”  Many of us have heard this before, or “don’t worry about giving me anything”.  Therefore, it is time to get creative for the upcoming holiday season. 

Planning Out Your Gift Giving

In order to have the perfect timing when it comes to purchasing gifts, you need to do a few necessary steps to make holiday e-cigarette shopping a breeze.

  • Always find out how long shipping will take.  The earlier you order your electronic cigarette the better.
  • When you start to review electronic cigarettes – think of the person you are shopping for.  Would this person be suitable for a starter kit or a disposable kit?  Or perhaps a free trial would be the perfect match.  If you have more than one smoker in the family, you might even purchase all three.  Then, you can mix/match the electronic cigarettes as stocking stuffers.
  • Never fret when it’s time to wrap up an electronic cigarette.  There are plenty of options to choose from, and if all else fails – gift bags are wonderful!
  • The wonderful thing about giving an electronic cigarette as a gift is adding fun accessories.  A dark roast coffee can be a great addition or go bold with a rich box of chocolates.  There is never a rule about not adding a fun accessory to an e-cigarette gift bag.

Once you get your gifts together, you are going to find out just how huge of a surprise getting an electronic cigarette as a gift can truly be!  Not only is the e-cigarette a trendy gift, but it’s also a relaxing treat that won’t interrupt the family spending time together.

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