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A Billion Dollar Market

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Three short years ago the electronic cigarette seemed like a novelty item.  Now, this novelty has become a billion dollar market.  The interesting fact about electronic cigarettes is traditional cigarette sales are 99% higher.  The sale of e-cigarettes last year only had a total of $500 million, but the increasing popularity is growing in record climbing sales. 

Electronic Cigarette’s Growing Popularity

While smokers are still using the traditional cigarette people are starting to make the switch.  In 2011 about 21% of adults who smoke traditional cigarettes said they are experimenting with the electronic cigarette.  That percentage is up 10% from the prior year, which means people are getting curious about the huge buzz around the e-cigarette.  Tom Frieden the CDC director said “E-cigarette use is growing rapidly” announcing the recent study for the Center For Disease Control and Prevention in 2013.

Traditional Cigarettes Versus Electronic Cigarettes

A pack-a-day smoker will spend at least $150 - $300 a month on traditional cigarettes.  That is quite a chunk of change to spend in a year’s time.  A person that uses an e-cigarette will pay anywhere from $3 - $7 less for the number of puffs equivalent to a pack of traditional cigarettes.  The difference in cost is very favorable for the electronic cigarette.  Another factor to add is not having any type of smoke damage to your auto, household, or clothing.

Each year the electronic cigarette is proving to gain more and more ground when it comes to dominating the tobacco industry.  Proven sales and also the celebrity endorsements are making the e-cigarette a force to be reckoned with.  For more information please visit

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