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Zemo Electronic Cigarettes Are Getting Positive Reviews

Posted by Alex L. on

Eric Barkalow from SecondHand Vapor reviews Zemo’s starter kit and the disposable Zemo electronic cigarette.  Eric likes the packaging the starter kit comes in.  The inside design of the actual carrying case, he found to be well designed.

For a beginner – Eric thinks the Zemo starter kit is perfect, and the facts page Zemo provides will answer any questions a new “vaper” might have.

Eric gives rave reviews for the pricing of the starter kit.  The cartridges are also sealed well maintaining Zemo’s freshness and excellent taste without any type of germs.  The life of the battery is around 8 hours, which is nice for a solid smoker.

The design of the Zemo is also sleek according to Eric.  The disposable eCig from Zemo has a great flavor and a nice throat hit.

Overall, Eric Barkalow thinks Zemo eCigarettes are a great quality brand for an affordable price.

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