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Are E-Cigarettes a Better Way to Quit Smoking - a Study Conducted by the University of London

Posted by Alex L. on

In a recent survey conducted by the University of London it appeared that over 70% of smokers had quit smoking using e-cigarettes and 38% had not had a traditional cigarette in over a year.

Are E-Cigarettes As Addictive As Traditional Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes did a study about their thoughts about whether or not the e-cigarette was as addictive as the traditional cigarette.  Just 18% of e-cig users thought e-cigs were addictive like cigarettes.  Only 18% of smokers said their cravings for the e-cigarette were strong.  The study also revealed that the smokers were waiting longer in the day before having their first puff.  Here are a few important results about smokers switching to the electronic cigarette.

  • Users reported improved breathing or the ability to breathe better
  • The cravings were far less than before
  • Less aching in the throat and jaw area

Could the EU Ban on Zero Nicotine Send Ex-Smokers Back To Cigarettes?

The EU tobacco directive aims to allow a maximum of .4% of nicotine in electronic cigarettes according to Chris Price of the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association.  Only 1% of users in a survey were using zero nicotine in their e-cigarettes.  Most of the users were at the .8% nicotine level.

Despite these results the Electronic Cigarette Consumer Association claims, the tobacco directive remains in effect, a ban.  This information can be found at

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