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The Electronic Cigarette Reviewed By The Doctors TV Show

Posted by Alex L. on

The Doctors reviewed the electronic cigarette on their stage, and the reviews were interesting. The first point brought up was the fact that the e-cigarette does still provide nicotine, but it doesn’t contain the other chemicals that are so harmful to a smoker’s health. Another fact brought up was for a smoker addicted to smoking traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarette could be the gateway to aiding smoker’s to stop or cut back on their usage. All of the doctors present on the panel also tries out the e-cigarette and commented how “sweet” the taste of the e-cigarette. The doctor’s found a willing participant named Beverly who had been a smoker for over 15 yrs. She stated the only time she was able to stop smoking was to have her child. Beverly stated “It was a great alternative to smoking a traditional cigarette.” She was also asked by the Doctors about whether or not she is still smoking regular cigarettes, and she is not. All of her cravings and the action of “smoking” were satisfied by an electronic cigarette.

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