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lectronic Cigarettes & Patches – A New Study by the Health Research Council of New Zealand

Posted by Alex L. on

How Science Helped Confirm These Facts

A group of 657 individuals 18 yrs of age and older were observed in a study from September 6, 2011 ending on July 5, 2013. These individuals expressed their desire to quit smoking and were randomly selected into three different groups. The first group would use patches. The 2nd group of individuals would use electronic cigarettes with nicotine, and the 3rd group would use electronic cigarettes with zero nicotine. The approximate distribution ratio was 4:4:1. 289 individuals were using 16mg e-cigs, 295 of the individuals were using one 21 mg patch daily, and 73 people were using an electronic cigarette with no nicotine. Here are the results after 6 months had passed:

  • 7.3% of the people using e-cigs with nicotine had veritably abstained from tobacco use, compared to the 5.8% for the patches, and 4.1% for those using the placebo electronic cigarettes.
  • Electronic cigarettes had a higher success rate by 1.5% compared to nicotine patches.
  • The group of people using electronic cigarettes with nicotine demonstrated a 57% success rate in dropping the number of cigarettes by at least half compared to the people using the patches.

It is still undetermined about the potency of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation device and whether or not the liquids used in these devices are pose any threat to the health of a user. As more studies are shown and published, it is still to be determined by the FDA the final word about electronic cigarettes.

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