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Electronic Cigarette Myths

Posted by Alex L. on

The electronic cigarette has taken the tobacco industry by storm.  Therefore there are a great deal of fabrications and other stories that some people might believe.  Here are examples of myths and the real truth.

Myth #1 – Children/teens are tempted by the electronic cigarette.

The real truth is the electronic cigarette is not that accessible.  In order to buy an electronic gadget online an adult’s credit card or bank account is required.  Another fact is the price of a starter kit is more than most children would spend.  Survey’s also report the owners of the electronic cigarette are between 30-50 years old, which demonstrates young adults under 18 do not find it appealing.

Myth #2 – Flashy packaging and sweet flavors are intended to attract young people

Vaping is not treatment for a nicotine addiction and the flavor of vaping isn’t pleasant for those who are accustomed to traditional cigarettes.  The flavor options were intended to attract cigarette smokers to prefer vaping instead of smoking.

Myth #3 – Anti-freeze is a component of electronic cigarettes

People get diethylene glycol confused with propylene glycol.  Diethylene glycol is an ingredient in anti-freeze however diethylene glycol has been recognized as safe for human consumption.

Myth #4 – Vaping can be just as addictive as cigarette smoking

Nicotine is reported being delivered in lower amounts with vaping as opposed to getting a regular intake of nicotine with traditional cigarettes.

Myth #5 – Second hand vapor can be harmful to people around

Anyone that is passing through “vapor” is going to be barely even smell an odor or faint scent of a flavor.

Myth #6 – The new “gateway” is electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco smoking

Electronic cigarettes have been proved to be less toxic and are less carcinogenic than traditional cigarettes.

In the future more concrete evidence is going to be produced by several different organizations trying to put a solid stamp on whether or not the electronic cigarette is a healthier option for smokers and those who vape.  This information can be found at

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