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Vaping Versus Smoking – Which Is Better?

Posted by Alex L. on

The growing popularity of the electronic cigarette has become a billion dollar industry.  There are so many claims to better health and how effective the e-cigarette is when it comes to 
assisting traditional cigarette smokers to stop smoking.  However, there are also several critics that challenge all of these reports.

Vaping Challenges

Smoking traditional cigarettes and “vaping” are two different entirely different methods of using tobacco however they are compared to each other on a regular basis.  Here are findings of those who vape and what they are reporting:

  • The cigarette smell is eliminated.  Traditional cigarettes leave a nasty smell on hair, clothes, car, and even your house.  Vaping doesn’t have any odors, so that is a huge positive when it comes to vaping.
  • A huge complaint from smokers was cigarettes burns on personal items.  Vaping doesn’t have any type of burn therefore there isn’t a risk of ruining anything.
  • Smoking outside isn’t a requirement anymore.  Those who live in their own homes can vape anywhere they would like to.
  • The offensive smell of a smoker is gone.  Instead of enduring the odors of a smoker, a person vaping is going to be pleasant to be around. 

One of the biggest pro’s to vaping is the savings.  Traditional cigarettes smokers who made the switch to vaping are claiming to have much more money in their wallets.

Traditional Cigarette Additives

599 additives are put into a traditional cigarette which means 4,000 chemical compounds are created once a cigarette starts to burn.  E-cigs have 4 chemicals – propylene glycol, nicotine, flavoring, and water.  Even though only 4 chemicals are used, there are reports of allergy like symptoms occurring.  It is recommended if you experience any allergy like symptoms to discontinue usage.

For now vaping has not been FDA approved.  There is quite a bit of speculation and theories to why vaping hasn’t been given the green light, but for now it’s best to just wait and see what happens next.  This information has been provided by

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