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Are Electronic Cigarettes Fake?

Posted by Alex L. on

Ever since electronic cigarettes have been on the market, the controversy is never ending and consumers are questioning if the e-cigarette could be considered “fake cigarettes?”  The thought of an electronic cigarette being considered a fake cigarette is hard to imagine, but in the eyes of some critics – it is. 

Comparison Of Traditional Cigarettes

The most obvious comparison to use is a traditional cigarette compared to an electronic cigarette, because that is the only competing product.  A traditional cigarette gives off the rustic appearance with an odor and smoke, while the electronic cigarette or “fake cigarette” is a fairly simple and plain gadget.  The sophistication and sleek design of the electronic cigarette take away from the traditional cigarette, so someone might think of the e-cig as a fake cigarette.  However, the nicotine in the e-cig is still included in the cartridge (this is purely optional).

The view point of consumers, critics, or just the average Joe are going to vary on the selective category of just where an electronic cigarette is going to fall under.  Life long smokers might consider vaping with an electronic cigarette compared to fake cigarettes totally different just because of the “reputation” of what a traditional cigarette stands for.  For now – vaping is just what it is to those people making the switch.  Fake cigarettes or not, the popularity and solid reputation are what seems

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