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The Difference Between Electronic Cigarettes And E Hookah Pens

Posted by Alex L. on

he electronic hookah pen has been gaining massive popularity in the electronic cigarettes category because of all of the fruity flavors. However many people do not realize that the E hookah pen does not have any nicotine. 

The electronic cigarette industry has become one of the fastest selling products in recent history. Sales have surpassed the $1.7 billion mark in the United States for the year 2013. Even big tobacco cannot even get close to this ever growing empire. Due to the fact that the electronic cigarette has become such an enormous industry it also has spawned out little sub-categories such as the E hookah pen.  Here are a few characteristics of an E hookah pen.

  • The E hookah pen is also called a hookah pen, e-shisha, and an E hookah stick.
  • The E hookah pen is available in many tasty fruit flavors and it generally contains far less nicotine that electronic cigarettes.
  • The E hookah pen industry has designed and developed a full product line of the E hookah pen specifically tailored to not containing any nicotine at all, unlike the electronic cigarette.

The interesting fact about the E hookah pen is once the product was launched the sales projections are far exceeding what were expected in 2014 due to the increase of consumer demands.  This could not come at a better time, because with all of the regulations regarding electronic cigarettes, the E hookah pen should also be taken into consideration and reviewed as well. If the electronic cigarette and the E hookah pen do not release any form of smoke, then how can these two devices be classified the same as traditional tobacco products?

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