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Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes Around the World

Posted by Alex L. on

The electronic cigarette has spread to nearly all the corners of the  globe, and it has also maintained several different conversations about
whether or not it is harmful. The regulation of vaping has made different countries have several different views on whether or not vaping should be banned.

Banned Or Not?

Here is a list of foreign countries and how they are dealing with the electronic cigarettes.

  • Europe - the European Union at this time has no direct legal ruling against the use of electronic cigarettes. However, the EU has this position about the entire situation: “It is for each
    national authority to decide, account being taken of all the characteristics of the product, whether it falls within the definition of a medicinal product by its function or presentation.”
  • France - in May, the Health Ministry of France issued a ban on electronic cigarettes that is similar to the nationwide restrictions of regular cigarettes and other tobacco products in public
  • U.K. - Great Britain and the rest of the United Kingdom decided that all nicotine containing products including electronic cigarettes are to be regulated by the government. This new classification puts electronic cigarettes on the same legal level as any other nicotine product, including nicotine gums and patches. Those who vape are free to use their electronic cigarettes wherever smoking is allowed, and at this time there is no indication that the U.K. will do
    the same banning of electronic cigarettes as France in public places.
  • Canada – although vaping is not illegal, there is a strict ban on any ecigs coming into Canadian borders.
  • Germany, Ireland, Poland, and Portugal - this sale and usage of ecigs is legal.
  • Finland - the sale of nicotine cartridges is prohibited however cartridges containing less than 10mg of nicotine may be purchased for private use.
  • Austria and Denmark - regulate electronic cigarettes as medicinal devices.

The battle over electronic cigarette regulations is being battled all around the world. While it still remains to be seen how these restrictions will end up in each individual country, people are still
hopeful that vaping will be seen as a better alternative than traditional tobacco usage.

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