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The Electronic Cigarette in England

Posted by Alex L. on

E cigarette sales have been rocketing over the last year with an estimated 1.3 million people in the UK thought to be vaping now. Therefore, the government in England is set to announce that anyone under the age of 18 is banned from buying electronic cigarettes in England. Currently, there is not a restriction on people under the age of 18 by electronic cigarettes, but the fear is that teenagers will be encouraged to take up smoking at an early age. 

England's New Law

As an amendment to the Children and Families Bill in England, this new law will be introduced this week. The hope is to ban adults from knowingly buying tobacco on behalf of someone that is under 18. Any adult that is caught purchasing tobacco for someone under 18 will be fine with a fixed penalty or fined.  Public Health Minister and conservative MP Jane Ellison said “Two thirds of smokers say they smoked regularly before they were 18, showing that this is an addiction largely taken up in childhood. Jane also stated “We must do all we can to help children lead a healthy life. That's why this major is designed to help protect children from the dangers of being bought cigarettes by irresponsible adults - something that I hope concerned parents and responsible retailers will welcome.”

Department of Health Statistics

41% of 15-year-olds who smoke say they usually buy their cigarettes from other people rather than going to a store that sells tobacco products. 95% of ages 11 to 15 who smoke say that they have been able to get someone to buy cigarettes for them that are an adult at least once in the last year.

Hopefully, with the new rules and regulations England will be able to get a better control on smoking in the UK. Their main focus is preventative maintenance for young adults under the age of 18.  This information has been provided by

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