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Little Known Facts About the Electronic Cigarette

Posted by Alex L. on

One of the biggest questions asked about the electronic cigarettes is “Are ecigs safe?” Inquiring minds are always doing research and trying to dig deeper to find out the true facts about vaping and electronic cigarettes to make an informed decision to make the switch. 

Here are facts about the electronic cigarette and also the question that continues to be  debatable “Are e cigarettes safe?”

Are e cigarettes safe?

  • The e-cigarette was introduced to the U.S. market in 2007. Since then the big debate about whether or not electronic cigarettes are safe?  E-cigarettes do not contain tobacco instead there is a mechanism that heats up liquid nicotine.  That liquid then becomes vapor.  People using the e-cig say they feel better vaping than they did when smoking regular cigarettes.
  • E-cigarettes do not use matches or lighters.  Some people are not careful using matches or lighters, which can lead to fires or worse.
  • Ecig side effects are minimal compared to using traditional cigarettes.  E-cigarette manufacturers are going to extensive studies to determine the effects of vaping, and also monitoring the level of nicotine listed on a cartridge label matches the actual amount of nicotine in a cartridge.
  • Regulation of nicotine levels is something people who vape do not realize they have control over.  Electronic cigarette FDA regulations are making sure the levels are labels and people choosing to vape have the control over the amount they would like to use. There are also cartridges for electronic cigarettes without any nicotine.
  • Online sales and regulations are also a concern for the FDA and other government organizations.  Online sellers make sure the payment methods pass all of the required steps in order to make a final payment be processed.
  • A big fear is kids being able to get ecigs easily, but there a few things to consider.  The cost is the biggest turn-off for kids, because most young adults under 18 do not have $40.00+ to spend on a starter kit.  Also – e-cigarette maintenance is also not budget friendly to a teen.
  • Are electronic cigarettes safe and whether or not they are simply recreational?  The FDA continues to evaluate every scenario and the regulation of the e-cigarette’s future is still in question.
  • Vaping in public is acceptable in some locations and prohibited in others.  Australia, Canada, Israel, and Mexico have banned electronic devices.  Vaping is legal in most other locations, but the regulations are where and how people are able to use them.
  • Vaping is amazing in the sense that there is no smoke, however there is secondhand vapor.  That would make the average consumer question if using an ecigarette is safe while sitting next to someone vaping?  Manufacturers say vaping is harmless because the vapor released is simply water.  Regulatory agencies and other health experts would like a chance to analyze findings and make a solid decision on vaping and the side effects of sitting next to someone vaping.

Vaping and using electronic cigarettes is still very controversial, however the findings also are in favor for vaping as a better alternative for people looking to either quit or trying to make a better switch.  This information can be found at

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