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E-Cigarette Starter Kit & Cartridges

Order Zemo Rechargeable Kit

Zemo E-Cigarette Rechargeable Kit Features:

  • Smoke & odor free, only vapor.
  • Costs less than traditional cigarettes.
  • Rechargeable long lasting battery.
  • Replaceable cartridges available in many great tasting flavors.
  • No ashes or tar.
  • Slim portable charging case that holds everything & charges your battery on the go!
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • One year warranty.

Zemo Rechargeable Kit

Zemo Starter Kit SE

Introducing the All-New Zemo Starter Kit SE (Slim Edition). The Zemo Starter  Kit SE comes with a smart portable charging case (PCC) which is now big enough to hold a fully assembled e-cig to eliminate the hassle of taking your e-cig apart between each vaping "sessions", yet it's super thin to fit in your pocket comfortably.

Zemo E-Cig Starter Kit is the best way to enjoy our products. With rechargeable battery and replaceable cartridges, our kit can be reused over and over again. Our soft-feel case is very durable and it keeps everything in one place and charges your e-cig battery anytime, anywhere on the go!

Each starter kit comes with 2 lithium batteries. Once your portable charging case is fully charged at home or in your car, simply insert the e-cig battery into the case to start charging. The LED light on the end of the battery also acts as a charging indicator and lights up red as you inhale to indicate that your device is working properly.

With our sleek and compact design, Zemo Starter Kit makes the perfect break time or travel companion. Simply carry it along in your shirt pocket, briefcase or purse, and enjoy the refreshing blast of a Zemo e-cig wherever you go. The durable case holds 3 cartridges, and each cartridge equals about two packs of traditional cigarettes, 1 spare battery and 1 fully assembled e-cig, which is more than enough for your daily needs. Zemo electronic cigarette starter kit is top of the line in quality and style.


Zemo Electronic Cigarette Technology

Zemo Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette FeaturesGlowing Red Tip
LED tip lights up red with each puff and flashes when battery needs to be recharged.

Rechargeable Battery
The lightest and longest lasting lithium-ion batteries which make Zemo become the longest lasting e cig.

Built in Atomizer
The atomizer is built into the cartridge to produce maximum vapor and ensures a fresh atomizer with each new cartridge.

Flavor Cartridge
Zemo electronic cigarette cartridges are scientifically made with the best ingredients to create the most rich and authentic flavors in Zemo’s electronic cigarette shop.

Silicone Tip
Silicone tip within mouth piece is designed to prevent leakage. One hole intake for maximized draw and resistance for real cigarette feel.

Zemo smokeless electronic cigarettes are intentionally made slightly bigger than traditional cigarette to provide long lasting battery life and more puffs.


Electronic Cigarette Flavored Cartridges

Zemo’s electronic cigarette cartridges were designed by a special team to ensure the best in vapor and taste were achieved. One cartridge has the equivalency of 2 packs of cigarettes with terrific flavors such as menthol and classic tobacco. Each of Zemo’s cartridges also has a fresh atomizer.

Zemo E-Cigarette Cartridge Technology

Zemo Cartridge SpecificationsAtomizer
The built-in atomizer was specially designed to produce maximum vapor, so it’s a fresh start each time you switch into a new cartridge.

The cartridges are designed with the best ingredients to create the ultimate in authentic flavors.

Silicone Tip
For a real cigarette feel and to prevent leakage, Zemo has a one-hole intake silicone tip for a great draw.

Nicotine Amounts by Strength (Approximately)
Strong: 2.1%   Regular: 1.6%   Light: 1.1%   Zero: 0%

Nicotine (when applicable), Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Flavors, Distilled Water.