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About Zemo Electronic Cigarettes

About Us

We developed Zemo electronic cigarettes because we are smokers. Like you, we wanted to find a cigarette that would give us the flavor and function of a tobacco product without the mess and hassle that comes with ashes, smoke and no smoking signs. We are a small business offering a smoking experience that we love.

Our inspiration and motivation for Zemo came while researching alternative cigarette products. We wanted to lower our health risks from smoking and to take better care of ourselves and our loved ones and friends around us. The products we tested, and we have tried quite a few, just weren’t what we wanted. Whether it was the price point, the ingredients or the size of the cigarette, other brands simply did not replicate the quality smoking experience we were looking for.

Zemo is our brand because it meets our standards and we hope yours too. Zemo e-cigs are a quality and affordable brand that combines advanced technology with ease of use. We wanted and achieved smooth flavors and a nicotine-free option. Sleek packaging and a well designed recharge system are only two of the many advantages of Zemo e-cigarettes. We know that you will discover many other aspects of Zemo products that like us, you just don’t want to live without.