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How Does Electronic Cigarette Works

How Electronic Cigarette Works

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Zemo’s electronic cigarettes or e-cigs, are sleekly designed, innovative devices that look like, and replicate, the experience and satisfaction of traditional cigarettes. The e-cig works by heating up then vaporizing liquid nicotine into an odorless mist that disappears quickly. Our e-cigs have two parts: A cartridge, which is also the mouthpiece, that contains the vaporizer technology and liquid nicotine; and, a long white tube that holds the lithium rechargeable battery. To get started, you need to charge the battery, for most this will mean plugging your device into your computer’s USB port, then connect it to the nicotine cartridge that contains your choice of flavored nicotine. Once assembled, you can take your first drag and continue your e-cig smoking experience almost anywhere. Your smokeless Zemo e-cig ‘lights up’ red when you inhale but emits only a smokeless-vapor ensuring that your environment is always smoke free.

E-Cigs vs. Traditional Cigarettes

E-cigs are increasing in popularity because traditional cigarettes cannot match e-cigs’ huge lifestyle, financial and environmental benefits. E-cigs offer more versatility. With no risk of exposing you or your loved ones to the dangerous additives in first- and second-hand tobacco smoke, you can take your e-cigs with you and smoke virtually anywhere. Over time, you will also benefit from lower costs because e-cigs are reusable, they are less expensive per puff and since most e-cig users smoke less, you will need to buy less nicotine cartridges. E-cigs also require no cleanup. Gone will be the days of emptying ashtrays, rewashing clothes, or using sprays or other products to get rid of the smoke smell. With Zemo e-cigs you can enjoy the smoking experience and others can enjoy you since you won’t be leaving behind a trail of smoke and cigarette butts.

How To Use Zemo Rechargeable Kits

Getting Started

How to Use Zemo Electronic Cigarettes
  • Charge the battery. Connect your e-cig battery – the long white piece – into your USB charger then plug it into an open USB port on your computer. Or, if your kit came with a wall or car charger, plug the USB end into the adapter and charge using a standard electrical outlet in your home or car. A red light indicates the battery is charging.
  • The battery is fully charged when the light on the end of the battery turns off from red.

How to Use

  • Assemble your e-cig. With the battery charged, take one cartridge from your pack. Remove the plastic wrap and rubber caps from the cartridge then fasten it to the battery. Your e-cig is now ready to use.
  • Begin inhaling as you would a normal cigarette. The tip will light up red as you inhale to indicate that your device is working properly.
  • Do not drag on your e-cig like you would a traditional cigarette by inhaling in short bursts. The e-cig requires time to heat and then vaporize the nicotine, so long and slow inhalations are advised.
  • With regular use, each cartridge produces about 350 puffs, the equivalent of 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes. When you inhale and no vapor is produced, the cartridge is empty and our e-cig needs a new cartridge.
  • To save battery life, do not constantly inhale on your e-cig. We recommend taking a break after every three drags.

Product Care

  • Keep cartridges in their plastic wraps until they need to be used.
  • Place the rubber cap on the e-cig when not in use.
  • Do not leave your e-cig in direct sunlight
  • One cartridge produces approximately 350 puffs, which equals to 1.5 packs of traditional cigarettes.
  • Once a cartridge is empty, it will not produce smoke and can be replaced.
  • The battery will last 1-2 days before recharging is required, depending upon your usage habits.
  • The battery indicator light will flash when it requires recharging.